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The Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide XTRA SUPPLEMENTAL UPDATE (17 DEC 2021)

Doing a book about something that changes all the time is a constant stressor. When do you know when enough is enough or when to finally say no more waiting for game companies to finally announce that next console and put the book to bed? Especially when I'm committing tens of thousands of dollars to print copies a book that will be incomplete as soon as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft or whomever announce their next big thing. Not an easy decision. And still I've played around with how to keep everything up to date until the 3rd edition, 5-10 years from now. So I've decided I'm going to post here to keep things up to date until which time they can be added to the book proper. The update pages will be minimal but even acknowledging their existence, to me, seems like enough .

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